The only true brand consulting for e-mobility and renewable energies.

BRANDS IN GREEN is your strategic management consultancy specializing in innovative branding solutions in the fields of e-mobility and renewable energies. With our unique combination of expertise, industry knowledge and creative thinking, we create brands that stand out in today’s market and are ready for the challenges of the future.

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We support you in the long-term success of your brand.

We focus on providing companies with a distinctive brand identity that builds trust with customers, partners and stakeholders. Through our structured approach, we help you to clearly define your vision and mission, make your brand design unique and consistent and effectively integrate your brand throughout your company.

Brand Strategy

Together, we develop a clear brand strategy that precisely defines your vision, mission and positioning. This gives you a strong differentiation in a complex market environment.

Brand Design

We design a unique visual identity that communicates your offer clearly and convincingly and makes your brand unmistakable. The implementation is carried out by our sister company meadow brook.

Brand Activation

Integrate your brand effectively into everyday business life through targeted training, internal and external communication and consistent onboarding to create a sustainable brand identity.

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