Building a distinctive brand with brand strategy

Brand strategy is more than just a logo or a claim – it’s about leaving a lasting impression on your target group. In the fields of e-mobility and renewable energies, companies need to be authentic and distinctive in order to survive in a fast-moving market. But how do you do that? At BRANDS IN GREEN, we know how important strategic brand management is to bring your company to the forefront of the industry. Find out here how our six steps can make your brand unmistakable.

You have to run twice as fast
In Lewis Carroll’s “Alice Behind the Mirrors” (Part 2 of “Alice in Wonderland”), the Red Queen declares: “Now you must run twice as fast to stay in the same place.” This wisdom reflects today’s challenges: companies must not only define what makes them special, but also clearly communicate their “raison d’ĂȘtre” – the reason why they exist.

In a constantly changing environment, it is crucial to stand out authentically and clearly. Companies that do not differentiate themselves are lost in the crowd. Nowadays, quality, appearance and customer service alone are no longer enough, but are the minimum for survival. To make real progress, you need to run twice as fast. Branding is the engine that supports your accelerated journey, and the goal of creating a distinctive brand is a worthwhile endeavor.

What is brand strategy?
A brand strategy defines the unique identity of your company. It forms the heart of the company and determines how your target group perceives your company, products and services. A good brand strategy is visible in the form of visual elements, a clear brand voice and a characteristic identity and conveys the core values and personality of your brand.

A company with well thought-out brand management can leave a lasting impression with a coherent slogan and an appealing logo. Without a solid conceptual basis, however, a brand is weak and appears unstable. A successful brand strategy creates a clear identity and helps you to position products and services in such a way that they fulfill the needs and wishes of your target group better than the competition.

In the areas of e-mobility and renewable energies, such a strategy is crucial in order to create trust, recognition value and a clear brand personality. Companies that master these principles can expand their customer base and strengthen their brand value.

How our method came about
Our method is a six-step process that we at BRANDS IN GREEN have developed specifically to create a clear and effective strategy for our clients. We have used over a decade of experience in branding, design and technology to perfect this approach. We drew on our proven methods and combined them with established practices such as human-centered design.

At the beginning, we always redefined the steps for each new project or the ongoing maintenance of a brand. In order to create more structure and clarity, we have developed the method to bundle our knowledge and insights and offer our customers a clear framework. We recognized that our customers in e-mobility and renewable energies wanted to further expand their brand status in order to be known and visible and to anchor their great products in the minds and hearts of their target group.

Our method arose from this need. It’s more than a strategy – it’s a design framework that shapes brand concepts and puts your unique selling proposition front and center.

The importance of a strong brand
Strong brands are characterized by an unmistakable identity and memorable features. They are able to imprint themselves in our memory, regardless of whether we love them or not. They go beyond mere market success and are part of everyday life.

Achieving the status of a well-known brand should not be your only goal. Getting there requires strategic thinking, a clear vision and consistent action. Companies that achieve this show self-confidence and creativity, inspire their target group and set new standards in their industries.

How to make your brand unique
In the e-mobility and renewable energy industries, it is crucial to have a strong brand DNA that aligns with the values, culture and beliefs of your target audience. Brands should maintain consistent relationships with their customers and build an emotional bond.

Three characteristics of strong brands:

  1. Clear identity: Strong brands are characterized by clear aesthetics and messages. They are easily recognizable and are associated with certain values. Examples include Tesla, the market leader in e-mobility, and Sonnen, a manufacturer of energy storage systems that has managed to firmly link its branding with sustainability and innovation.

  2. Continuous innovation: In e-mobility and renewable energies, companies must continuously break new ground. The development of intelligent charging infrastructures or innovative battery storage systems shows how brands can push the boundaries of what is possible and inspire customers. Only those who continuously drive innovation can be successful in the long term.

  3. High quality: Companies such as BYD (Build Your Dreams) and SMA Solar Technology rely on the highest quality standards to strengthen their brand identity. Customers associate them with reliable, durable products that are characterized by excellent workmanship and high-quality materials.

Preserve the status
Lewis Carroll’s wisdom remains relevant: companies must run twice as fast to maintain their status. The BRANDS IN GREEN branding strategy provides you with the tools and methods to keep pace with the challenges. Are you ready to redefine your brand and achieve status in the e-mobility or renewable energy sectors? Let’s walk the path together.