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We understand the challenges and opportunities in the field of e-mobility and renewable energies. Our aim is to position your brand in such a way that it not only exists and grows in today’s markets, but also in future markets.

And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a brand audit, a complete rebranding or something in between: The first step is always to talk to experts. Benefit from:

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Our collaboration starts with an in-depth brand discovery session in which we take the opportunity to get to know your brand in depth. In a subsequent branding workshop, we analyze the current status of your brand and your goals together and gain important insights. We examine all essential aspects of your brand in order to create a comprehensive basis for the rest of the process. Based on these findings, we develop a proposal that is individually tailored to your needs and designed to successfully position and promote your brand.

The budget required for the development of your brand is closely linked to the scope and complexity of the project. An exact cost estimate is usually only possible after a comprehensive branding workshop in which we have examined all relevant aspects of your brand. However, you should plan a budget of at least €50,000 for the development of the brand strategy.

If you need brand design services (corporate design, logo, website, etc.), our sister company meadow brook offers these from as little as €15,000.

The duration of a branding project varies depending on the scope and specific requirements of your brand. You should allow at least 12 weeks for the branding workshop, the development of a brand strategy and the conception of the brand design, which will be implemented by our sister company meadow brook. The duration can be further extended by feedback loops and the organizational structures of your company.

The subsequent brand activation, i.e. the actual implementation and introduction of the brand in the company, depends heavily on the internal circumstances and can influence the time frame accordingly.

We work efficiently to ensure that your project progresses swiftly and smoothly, while offering flexibility to meet your specific needs.

In our specialized role as consultants for e-mobility and renewable energy brands, it is likely that we will also work with companies operating in your market segment. This experience brings numerous advantages for your brand. Through our work with different players within the same industry, we develop a comprehensive understanding of market trends and dynamics, which enables us to develop precise strategies that set you apart from your competitors. Our broad perspective helps to identify innovative solutions that may not yet have been applied in your specific market segment.

We strictly adhere to ethical guidelines to maintain confidentiality and treat every client project with the utmost discretion to ensure that no sensitive information is shared between competitors. During the critical phase of developing your brand strategy, we are committed to not directly consulting with competitors on their strategy – ensuring focused and customized advice that protects and promotes your unique brand identity. This approach enables us to operate without conflicts of interest and to secure your individual positioning.

In contrast to many strategic management consultancies, which often only develop a strategy and then leave it to the company to apply, BRANDS IN GREEN goes a decisive step further. Our work does not end with the completion of a brand strategy or brand design. We move on to the brand activation phase, in which we actively implement the developed strategy within the company. We involve decision-makers and adapt the strategy to the specific requirements of the individual divisions.

We strengthen brand awareness and brand understanding among employees through targeted training. We coordinate closely with operational agencies and your divisional managers to ensure that everyone involved in the branding process is on board. In addition, we promote the formation of internal brand ambassadors who carry the brand internally and bring it to life. This comprehensive approach ensures that the brand is effectively put into practice and can unfold its power instead of remaining unused as a mere concept.