Solutions for your branding challenges

We offer you solutions for the typical challenges that companies in the e-mobility and renewable energy sectors face in brand development and management. Our expertise in the field of brand strategy ensures that you find the right solution to strengthen your brand and position it for the long term.

Typical challenges faced by our customers:

01 We need an analysis of our brand.

If you need a thorough analysis of your current brand position, our brand audit is the right solution. We examine a variety of aspects of your brand and create a comprehensive overview of your strengths and weaknesses. With our specially developed dashboard, which clearly displays the results of our brand measurement, we offer you a clear indicator on a scale of 0 to 100 of how your brand is currently performing. The analysis covers areas such as brand perception, positioning in the market, brand values, target group approach and communication strategy. Based on this data, you will receive a detailed roadmap to make targeted improvements to your brand and strengthen your competitive advantage.

02 We would like to develop a new brand.

Our proven process of brand strategy, brand design and brand activation is ideal for building a new brand. We start by developing a solid brand strategy that includes a clear vision, mission and positioning and precisely addresses the target group. In the brand design phase, we create a consistent visual appearance that clearly communicates your brand messages. The final brand activation phase ensures that the new brand is successfully anchored in the company. We pay attention to thorough employee training and onboarding as well as consistent internal and external communication. This comprehensive approach ensures that your brand is established authentically and effectively in order to be successful in both B2B and B2C markets.

03 We need a rebranding.

If your brand needs a strategic realignment, we will support you in a successful rebranding process. We start with a branding workshop to determine the status quo of your brand by conducting a thorough analysis of the current brand position and market conditions. Based on this, we develop a clear strategic realignment that redefines your brand and focuses on those elements that are crucial. These can range from a new positioning to a changed brand voice or a new communication concept. Our workshops enable you to gain a solid understanding of existing brand strengths and develop a roadmap for repositioning that enables clear differentiation in the market and sustainable success.

04. we need a new brand design (logo, website ...)

For companies that need a new brand design, our sister company meadow brook is the perfect solution. As a specialized brand design agency, they implement your brand design with clarity and creativity. Whether logo, website or corporate design – meadow brook creates an unmistakable visual appearance that consistently communicates the messages of your brand. BRANDS IN GREEN develops the strategic and conceptual basis for the design, while meadow brook ensures a high-quality and detailed realization. The design process takes into account the specific requirements of your brand to ensure that all design elements are aligned and create a consistent brand presence across all channels.

05 We have a specific branding problem that we need advice on.

Specific branding problems occur frequently in companies and are often a challenge that requires an individual solution. At BRANDS IN GREEN, we have the expertise and experience to provide you with customized solutions tailored to your specific problem. Our consultants analyze the current situation, identify the causes and develop a targeted strategy to help you solve the problem effectively. Whether it’s a repositioning, an optimized communication strategy or adapting to market changes, we are ready to assist you with our expertise. Do not hesitate to contact us directly to work out a solution together.