Strategic consulting for brand development: BRANDS IN GREEN

We combine extensive expertise in e-mobility and renewable energies with expert knowledge of brand strategy. From this combination, we derive innovative branding strategies that uniquely position your brand and make a lasting contribution to the growth and success of your company. Together we create a clear brand identity that sets you apart from the competition.

Our advice

We are the management consultancy dedicated to strengthening brands in the fields of e-mobility and renewable energies. Our mission is to develop innovative and sustainable brands that inspire their target group and drive progress in their industries. Together with our employees, we focus on developing clear brand strategies that enable long-term and profitable development.

Our work is strategically sound and focuses on building a sustainable brand identity. A strong brand is not just a visual element, but the central anchor for the entire corporate strategy. It creates lasting trust among customers, employees and stakeholders by providing clear orientation. Our team develops a distinctive brand positioning, identifies unique potential and establishes strong brand values that promote long-term success and profitable value creation.

Our approach is not limited to consulting. We also implement the brand strategies and are involved in their implementation. This includes employer branding, customized sustainability strategies, pricing systems and the analysis of marketing efficiency. We are passionate about enthusiasm, transparency and commitment in order to enable greater appreciation and thus more added value.

York Kolb and Benjamin Link, Senior Partners of BRANDS IN GREEN

Our approach

We consider the strategic development of a strong brand to be a central part of any corporate strategy. A brand must offer clear orientation in order to create trust and appreciation among customers, employees and stakeholders.

Our systematic approach begins with a thorough analysis of your brand and the market in order to identify opportunities and potential. Together we develop an unmistakable positioning, unique brand values and a clear communication strategy.

Our work goes beyond consulting. We guide you through the entire implementation process, be it employer branding concepts, the development of sustainability strategies or the analysis of marketing efficiency. Our expertise lies in developing clear, consistent brand strategies that create trust and set your brand apart from others.

BRANDS IN GREEN deliberately focuses on branding and avoids operational marketing or design services, which are covered by our sister company meadow brook. Instead, we focus on a sound brand strategy that can be applied to all media and conveys clearly distinguishable values. This makes your brand a reliable guide for your customers, your team and your partners.

Thanks to these clear principles and our passion for enthusiasm, transparency and commitment, we achieve significantly higher added value, which enables your company to achieve sustainable success.

Commitment to sustainability

We are passionate about sustainable practices in our work and everyday life. Our head office is designed to promote not only creativity but also a strong environmental awareness.

We have installed nine charging points for electric cars, which are available to both employees and customers. Our company cars are all fully electric. We have equipped the entire roof of our office building and part of our façade with photovoltaic modules. We obtain additional CO₂-neutral energy from 100% green electricity.

We have installed a large rainwater harvesting cistern under our parking spaces, which is used to water our bee-friendly plants and an orchard. In this way, we support biodiversity – and can offer our employees fresh fruit at the same time.