E-mobility pioneer steps into the spotlight

Technagon GmbH

Since 2009, Technagon has played a decisive role in shaping the world of electromobility as a manufacturer of charging technology. As a reliable development partner for renowned brands such as Audi, Siemens and Porsche, the manufacturer made a name for itself early on as a high-quality expert in the field of e-mobility. A new era began in 2018: for the first time, wallboxes and charging stations were produced under the company’s own name, with the special feature that both software and hardware are developed and manufactured entirely in-house. As a hidden champion, Technagon was ready to step into the limelight. Technagon approached our agency with the desire for a rebranding – a step that would cast the company in a new light.

Challenge: from the company core to the brand core

Our mission as brand consultants was to explore the existing, strong values of Technagon and to break them down to the essential core elements – and to build the Technagon brand on this. Rebranding means more than just a new brand face; it is about understanding and expressing the soul of the company. To do this, we delved deep into the history, values and, above all, the people behind Technagon. Our aim was to create a brand identity that not only embodies Technagon, but also carries it proudly to the outside world.

Excellence and cordiality made in Bavaria

The rebranding process with Technagon was comprehensive and in-depth: we developed the brand essence, clearly positioned the brand and created a captivating brand persona. The aim was to create a brand that reflects the high quality standards and advanced technology as well as the human warmth and connection to the Bavarian roots. This combination of professionalism and cordiality is evident in every aspect – from personal customer service to reliability in production. The clear brand promise “Premium Charging Experience – Made in Bavaria” became the guiding star of all activities.

The development of a targeted brand strategy and a strong brand identity enabled us to provide Technagon’s marketing team with the necessary tools. These tools ensure that every team member understands how Technagon communicates, what the brand promises and what story it tells. Conveying a consistent brand image at all touchpoints thus became a reality – essential for the future success of the brand.

Our rebranding has given Technagon a striking, emotional and authentic brand identity. This new identity not only reflects Technagon’s values and quality, but also enables a deeper and more resonant connection with the market and customers. Technagon now stands even more as a shining example of innovation, quality and cordiality in the world of electromobility.

Technagon GmbH