Microlino – Go-to-market of “This is not a car” in Germany

Astara Mobility Deutschland GmbH

A Swiss cabin scooter plans to electrify German cities

Microlino is not just a vehicle – it is a revolution on wheels, a charming symbol of sustainability and innovation. With its unmistakable retro design and compact dimensions, it embodies a new era of urban mobility that is both environmentally friendly and stylish. This electric vehicle is winning people’s hearts by showing that environmental protection and driving pleasure can go hand in hand. Microlino is much more than just a means of transportation; it is a statement, an expression of the desire for a greener, more liveable urban landscape. He inspires with his uniqueness, his commitment to the planet and the joy he brings to the daily commute. Microlino proudly stands as a shining example of how we can shape our future – with joy, style and a sense of responsibility.

This is not a car – Go-to-Market in Germany

On behalf of Astara Mobility Deutschland GmbH, we took on the challenge of supporting the launch of the Microlino as an innovative electric vehicle on the German market and establishing it.

Our approach was to develop a comprehensive strategy that both emphasizes the unique features of the Microlino and takes into account the needs and expectations of the German market. A key element of our work was the conceptual development of the digital sales process. We adapted the process in Microlino’s online configurator so that it remains intuitive, while at the same time complying with the legal requirements of the German market and Astara Mobility Deutschland’s handling processes. Customers can continue to customize their vehicle and thus build up a personal and intensive relationship with the brand.

In addition to the digital presence, our focus was also on the physical market launch, which culminated in the brand event with the official presentation of the vehicle. The event, organized by the agency jaeger + haeckerhase, not only served as a platform for the official presentation of the Microlino, but also as a meeting place for enthusiasts, potential customers and media representatives. The combination of live experiences, interactive presentations and targeted communication measures created a strong emotional connection between the brand and its audience.

Our commitment to the success of the Microlino in Germany reflects our endeavor to support innovative products with creative, targeted and sustainable marketing strategies. We are proud to have been part of this pioneering project that is redefining the future of urban mobility.

A lifestyle product for more driving pleasure in urban areas

In our collaboration with the brand managers of Astara Mobility Deutschland GmbH, we carried out a comprehensive analysis of the available information about the founders and the brand as well as the strategy development for the launch of the Microlino in Germany. The focus was on identifying and addressing the target group, analyzing the competition, developing a clear differentiation and a strong brand positioning.

Thanks to the expertise of the various project participants, we developed a deeper understanding of the needs, wishes and behavior of potential Microlino customers in Germany. Our aim was to identify a target group that is not only interested in sustainable mobility, but also has an active and modern lifestyle.

At the same time, we developed overviews of key competitors and potential risks and opportunities. We examined the strengths and weaknesses of competitors on the German market in order to highlight the Microlino’s unique selling points and develop a clear differentiation strategy. Our findings helped us to position the Microlino as a unique product in an increasingly saturated market.

The brand positioning was carefully developed to establish the Microlino as a lifestyle brand. The focus was on presenting it not only as an environmentally friendly vehicle, but also as a symbol of a modern, conscious and stylish lifestyle. This positioning was crucial to create an emotional connection with the target group and to present the Microlino as an attractive choice for everyday urban life.

A key aspect of our strategy was to transfer the brand personality and brand voice from the country of origin, Switzerland, to the German market. We made sure to maintain the brand’s core values while taking into account the cultural nuances and linguistic characteristics of the German market. This approach enabled us to preserve the authenticity and charm of the Microlino while at the same time creating a resonance with the German public.

The staging of the Microlino as a lifestyle brand was a consistent element in all our strategies and campaigns. Together with the brand managers at Astara Mobility Deutschland GmbH, we designed a brand experience that went beyond the product and built a world around the Microlino that appealed to and inspired its customers. From the visual identity of the sales partners’ training materials to the brand experience at the POS, every aspect was designed to position the Microlino as more than just a vehicle, but as part of a desirable lifestyle.

This holistic approach enabled Astara Mobility Deutschland GmbH to successfully establish the Microlino on the German market and create a strong, emotional and lasting relationship between the brand and its target group.