Brand activation: How to implement your strategy from day 1

You have worked on your brand strategy, formulated your mission and defined your ideal target group. This is impressive and can fundamentally change your company. However, long-term success depends on implementing the strategy. When the strategy is ready – what now? Find out how you can put your strategy into practice right from the start and build your brand in a targeted manner.

1. always have Brand Strategy to hand
You should add a bookmark or shortcut on all devices so that you can access your brand strategy quickly. Is your strategy in Google Docs or Canva? Add a bookmark so that you can access it quickly. Is your strategy available as a PDF? Save them on your desktop or in your favorites.

The easier it is to access the brand strategy, the more frequently you will use it.

2. make vision, mission and values visible
You should always keep your vision, mission and values in mind. Create an inspiring design that fits your brand and set it as wallpaper on your smartphone or desktop. You could also pin a note to your desk or write the values on post-its.

The main thing is that you always see your vision, mission and values so that you are always aware of them.

3. share your strategy with your team
Once the brand strategy is in place, you should share it with everyone who works on the brand. These can be employees, freelancers or partners. Everyone who works for or with your brand needs to understand the strategy in order to represent the brand consistently. In this way, everyone is on the same page, has a clear voice and is pursuing the same goals.

4. print out the brand strategy
If you are working with a brand strategy for the first time, I recommend printing it out. This means you always have them to hand and can browse through them easily. Print them yourself or have them printed by a print shop. Place the document on your desk so that you always have it in view.

5. always make brand voice guidelines available
When creating content, you should always have access to the Brand Voice Guidelines. Whether on your website, in social media or in other areas, always include the guidelines wherever you write content. This ensures that all content is consistent with your brand personality.

6. integrate target group information
Your target group should always be the focus of your work. When you create content, products or services, you should add information about your target audience so that everything is in line with your strategy. Link the target group section in your Notion workspace or add information to Google Docs when writing product descriptions, for example.

7. make content strategy accessible
When you create content on a daily basis, it’s easy to forget about the overall strategy. Link your content strategy or copy the information so that it is always available to you when creating content.

8. integrate marketing strategy
Marketing is not just content. If you want to make your brand better known, you need a marketing strategy that encompasses all approaches. Link or insert your strategy wherever you plan your marketing activities. This will help you stay on course and consistently pursue your goals.

9. ensure visual alignment
Make sure that everyone who creates visual content for your company can easily access your strategy. This applies to you and your team, whether you use Canva, Figma, Adobe or other tools. This keeps everything in line with your visual orientation.

10. update social media profiles
When your brand strategy is ready, the first thing you should do is implement it on your social media profiles. Update your slogan, elevator pitches, vision and mission, and customize your profiles. You can also introduce new visual elements here.

11. revise the “About us” page of your website
The “About us” page of your website is perfect for presenting your vision, mission and story. Include your unique selling points and other elements of the strategy here. Customize other pages of the website if necessary.

12. work with the brand strategy for at least one week
The brand strategy should be your guide and influence everything you do in your company. Use them intensively for at least a week.

  • Planning content? Take a look at the content pillars and target group information.
  • Make a decision? Review vision, goals and values.
  • Create a funnel? Use the guidelines for brand voice and positioning.
  • Develop a brand identity? Use the information about personality, target group and visual orientation.

These tips and tricks will help you implement your brand strategy from day 1. They give you clarity and orientation, but the true potential unfolds when you apply the strategy consistently. This will take your brand to the next level.