The future of human-centered charging parks

eccovia GmbH

Innovation meets sustainability: eccovia’s vision

eccovia is a pioneer in the development of infrastructure for charging parks and is revolutionizing the electromobility market. By offering smart stores, lounges, cafés, restaurants and co-working spaces, eccovia transforms charging parks into vibrant centers of electromobility. With its innovative approach, eccovia makes even remote locations attractive and thus creates new opportunities for charge point operators (CPOs).

Communicating a clear message in a complex market

Our task was to clearly define eccovia’s position in the market and to establish strong external communication. The challenge was to communicate the complexity of eccovia’s offering in a precise and understandable way in order to appeal to investors and interested parties. This included effectively communicating the concept of the white label solution and emphasizing the advantages of the modular design and the managed service.

We have developed a comprehensive communication strategy that emphasizes the unique aspects of eccovia’s offering. The strategy included redesigning the website to establish it as a central communication hub. The website now clearly and attractively presents eccovia’s vision, services and added value for CPOs and end customers.

We placed particular emphasis on highlighting the advantages of the additional monetization of the infrastructure by eccovia. These included the opportunities presented by the provision of meeting rooms, smart stores and cafés. At the same time, we emphasized the importance of security, cleanliness and reliability that eccovia’s managed service offers.

Successful positioning and increased market presence

Thanks to a customized communication strategy, eccovia has established a strong and clear market position in the field of electromobility infrastructure. The redesigned website serves as an effective platform for communicating eccovia’s unique value proposition and is effective in attracting interest and investment.

The clearly communicated advantages of eccovia solutions have led to increased clarity among CPOs and investors. In the foreseeable future, eccovia’s modular and flexible infrastructure will certainly be seen as an indispensable component of modern charging parks, which will significantly increase the attractiveness and functionality of these locations.

eccovia GmbH