Market expansion beyond the borders of the UK

Jumptech Ltd.

From the UK to Germany: Jumptech transforms the market

Jumptech, a UK-based company, has triggered a transformative wave in the workflow management industry. Their specialized software is tailor-made for the installation of charging stations for electric cars, photovoltaic systems and energy storage systems and has already become the industry standard in the UK. Jumptech entrusted us with the challenge of strategically supporting their go-to-market in the target market of Germany.

The biggest challenge was to master the differences between the British and German markets. Germany has stricter data protection regulations and a different mentality towards digital solutions. Many smaller installation companies in Germany still relied on traditional methods such as paper forms or Excel spreadsheets for order management, which limited efficiency, documentation and control.

Our task was to make the benefits of digital transformation clearly tangible, to help with the challenges in the areas of data protection and user-friendliness and to clearly communicate the advantages for users. The software and sales documents not only had to be tailored to the German market in terms of language, but also in terms of data protection and structure.

At the same time, the first competitors positioned themselves on the German market. A clear differentiation from existing, more general software offerings for trade businesses was therefore essential. We had to present the Jumptech brand as a specialized solution tailored to the needs of the target group.

Strategic adaptation and targeted positioning

Our first measure was a thorough market analysis to identify the optimal target group in Germany and understand their specific needs. We support Jumptech in aligning the software in terms of language, process and data protection. Instead, we developed easy-to-understand sales materials that emphasized the advantages of digital solutions over conventional methods.

To overcome skepticism towards digital solutions, we carried out targeted marketing campaigns that focused on increasing efficiency and improving control and documentation. We developed case studies and testimonials from satisfied customers to build trust and demonstrate the benefits of Jumptech.

We also worked on differentiating Jumptech from more general workflow management software solutions by highlighting the specific features for the installation of charging stations, photovoltaic systems and energy storage. The uniqueness of the Jumptech software was underlined by customized functions and a user-friendly design.

Successful establishment in a demanding market

Thanks to the strategy developed together with Jumptech’s management and targeted communication measures, we were able to create a successful basis for Jumptech’s go-to-market in Germany. Jumptech is now building up a sales network in Germany and is already working successfully with its first major customers. The brand is thus making a significant contribution to digitalization in a traditionally conservative sector; steps that we were able to support in a targeted manner as part of the go-to-market.

Jumptech Ltd.