Building a distinctive brand with brand strategy

Brand strategy is more than just a logo or a claim – it’s about leaving a lasting impression on your target group. In the fields of e-mobility and renewable energies, companies need to be authentic and distinctive in order to survive in a fast-moving market. But how do you do that? At BRANDS IN GREEN, […]

The most important branding trends for 2024 at a glance

Which branding trends will be important in 2024? With a wealth of information and options, brands need to develop a clear personality that resonates with an increasingly demanding customer base. Differentiated and convincing brand management plays a particularly important role in the areas of e-mobility and renewable energies. At BRANDS IN GREEN, we help you […]

Brand activation: How to implement your strategy from day 1

You have worked on your brand strategy, formulated your mission and defined your ideal target group. This is impressive and can fundamentally change your company. However, long-term success depends on implementing the strategy. When the strategy is ready – what now? Find out how you can put your strategy into practice right from the start […]

The Tesla brand: a look under the hood

Brands are often about more than meets the eye. A brand is a complex system that gives meaning to a product or service and thus creates perceived added value for customers. This system must be consistent and coherent in order to appear trustworthy and recognizable. Well-established brands are intuitive, clear and convincing for newcomers and […]

Business vs. brand: the 9 most important differences you should know

What is the difference between business and brand, and why should you care as an entrepreneur? I often get this question from clients who want to understand the difference and why a good brand strategy is important. The biggest difference is that a company is based on practical fundamentals such as products, operations and sales, […]

Why storytelling is the best strategy for your brand

Brands cannot exist without stories. This is not just an empty phrase, but is deeply rooted in scientific knowledge. People make sense of their experiences by telling stories about them. Our stories help us to understand who we are and how we fit into the world. Yuval Noah Harari describes people as “narrative beings” who […]

What does “brand” actually mean?

I have been working as a brand strategist in creative and digital agencies for over five years. You might think it’s a bit embarrassing to even ask this question: What does “brand” actually mean? “Brand” is a term that is constantly used in marketing – and thanks to expressions such as “personal brand” or celebrities […]