Sustainable future of the real estate industry

Green Lion Consulting

Green Lion Consulting has made it its mission to steer the real estate industry in a more sustainable and future-oriented direction. With the clear goal of making a significant contribution to achieving the 1.5 degree target, they are at the forefront of the movement for ecological, social and corporate responsibility in the real estate sector.

Clear communication and branding in a complex sector

We began by designing a meaningful logo that symbolizes the core values of Green Lion Consulting. At the same time, we adapted the brand design to ensure a consistent and appealing visual identity across all media.

A key component of the underlying strategy was the definition of Green Lion Consulting’s brand personality. We worked to create a personality that is perceived as knowledgeable, responsible and future-oriented. This personality should reflect the company’s deep connection to sustainability and the creation of long-term value for real estate.

For external communication, we developed print templates that clearly convey the brand message. As a central communication hub, we created a website that provides detailed information about Green Lion Consulting’s services and highlights its expertise and commitment to ESG. The website was designed to clearly communicate the company’s vision while being user-friendly and informative.

Strengthening the market position and increasing visibility

Green Lion Consulting has taken a strong and clear position in the real estate market. The clearly defined brand persona, strong brand design and effective communication of its vision and services help to establish the company as a leading player in the field of sustainable real estate consulting.

The new website and marketing materials have significantly increased Green Lion Consulting’s visibility and enabled the company to address its target group more effectively. Through clear and consistent brand communication, Green Lion Consulting was able to successfully communicate its commitment to sustainability and quality and position itself as a trustworthy partner for future-oriented real estate projects.

Green Lion Consulting GmbH